Programs Funded

2016/2017 Programs That Were Funded by Mountainside Education Foundation:

Beechwood School:

Program that provides an on-line interactive leveled book library.
K – 2nd Grade
IMAX at Liberty Science Center
Students to watch IMAX movie while attending the Liberty Science Center on their class trip.  
2nd Grade

Instructional materials and lesson plans for programming courses for the Beechwood students.

Author Visit
Presentation by author, Corey Schwartz, who discussed where the ideas came to write The Three Ninja Pigs followed up by a martial arts course led by Master Kyle Freeman, teaching the importance of respect, discipline, perseverance and self-confidence.

Brain Pop
Program encourages students to ask questions and form ideas in the STEM, Social Studies, Reading/Writing, Health and Arts subjects.

Deerfield School:

Blankets for Babies
Students learned how to make quilts that were donated to Project Linus who distribute these blankets to children in area hospitals.
8th Grade

Aquaponics Garden
The aquaponics garden is meant to enrich the 6th grade Science and Life Skills curriculum by allowing students to design and manage a functional closed ecosystem. Although the 6th graders will be designing and maintaining the aquaponics garden, it will be housed in a public area at Deerfield School, which is accessible to all Deerfield students.

5th grade students learned how to identify every planet in the solar system in dramatic flights towards each world. They were introduced to Greek mythological characters and saw how they can be found in the stars.

Music in the Parks Festival
The Deerfield 8th Grade Chorus, 6th and 7th Grade Chorus, Middle School Band, and Jazz Band performed in front of a panel of veteran music educators, who provided feedback which was partially funded through a MEF grant.

Deerfield School Musical
MEF is happy to provide a grant to be applied towards the production of Deerfield’s annual school musical.

Listing of all grants that MEF funded during 2016/2017:

Grant RequestAmount PaidGrades
Blankets for Babies$ 724.938th
Sky Dome$ 895.005th
Tynker$ 1,000.00K - 2nd
Author Visit$ 375.002nd
IMAX$ 322.502nd
Author's Day$ 2,412.503rd - 4th
Reading Rocks Magic Show$ 650.00K-2nd
Liberty Science Ctr Visit$ 2,130.006th - 8th
Yoga Mats$ 149.98K - 2nd
STEAM$ 1,195.004th - 5th
Broadway Experience$ 1,690.008th
Deerfield Musical$ 3,000.005th - 8th
Hoboken Scavenger Hunt$ 990.00DF stud coun
Arts for Learning$ 755.004th
Arts for Learning$ 970.003rd
Poetry Residency with BJ$ 750.005th
Music in the Parks Festival$ 3,000.00Band/Chorus
Raz Kids 3-4 and inclusive for 5th$ 395.823rd - 5th
Raz Kids K-2$ 1,500.00K- 2nd
Aquaponic Garden$ 1,389.906th
Aquaponic Garden$ 35.426th
Brain Pop K-2$ 1,350.00K- 2nd
Brain Pop 3-5$ 1,695.003rd - 5th
Scholastic$ 448.033rd - 6th
BW Playground Equipment$ 3,000.00Peak - 2nd